Gallery Director - Ingram Ober
In addition to being the director of the Boehm Gallery, Ingram Ober is a sculptor whose career has focused on interactive art, with the goal of viewer connection. But for Ober, art is not about what is hanging on the wall or sitting on the shelf.

"My interest in art is viewer interaction," Ober said. "I'm not so interested in art that just sits there as objects."

Ober first introduced his ideas about interactive sculpture to the gallery scene in the form of performance based work when he was in graduate school at Claremont Graduate Univeristy. "I realized how much excitement and dialogue I could create just with a simple action," he said. For one performance, he entered the room with an axe strapped to his back.

Ober's art asks its viewers to consider the implications of energy conservation, and the need for shrewd progress as a global society. He said he wants to show his students how sculpture and the ordinary objects it investigates affect our lives every day.

As director of the Boehm Gallery, Ober's main goal is to increase visibility of the museum, on campus and off. He sees the gallery as an integral part of campus, and wants to realize its full potential.

Ober hopes the gallery shows will reflect the variety of arts disciplines the college offers, from woodworking to photography. Student artists should also get more involved in the entire process of putting together a show, especially during the annual art department student exhibition. In addition, Ober wants to collaborate with different departments on campus, for example, using a jazz quartet from the performing arts department to play at the opening of an exhibition.