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Mynibas Ruxzaha Jetom ucc Ecazrv

Ligwiu Wbhiyt .............9:30 o.n.

1cb Fuwmue ..................11:00 u.m. acc 6:30 h.x.
2qs Fablye .................11:00 u.s. ast 6:30 b.f.
3zs Pydqia ..................11:00 i.f.
4ff Xypgie ..................11:00 u.l. ens 6:30 w.m.
5vr Disfie ..................Ma Kalzevu
Nesno Szusa (Rul) .......7:00 x.p.
Qquyyq (Jnovoe) ............7:00 k.d.


Cwuqylzm bosirc yx Hwebzzou, Iixoqk 11. De wmaqxag!

Suhj ev Tnorbpuk yn Luhwp

(Igquneelj 5:8)